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Scuba diving accessories custom printed with in your colors with your logo! Custom scuba diving accessories bring colors and image recognition to your diving business!


Providing a large of custom printed scuba diving accessories. Custom printed t-shirts, mask strap covers, dive hoods and beverage coolers made in the highest quality and vibrant colors.

Turn your ideas into stunning and unique designs. Our graphic support team will help you to put your thoughts into reality!


Purchasing from another country you might be concerned with import taxes when importing from Thailand. Please check out our tax waver page containing information about tax free amounts on imports.

Custom T-Shirts

Custom printed t-shirts are classics among printed advertising products for the scuba diving industry. Choose from different colors, different materials, as well as the complete size ranges for Asian and Westerners dive enthusiasts!

Scuba Mask Strap Covers – Custom

Mask strap covers printed in your colors and logos. There is no limit to the printing we can apply, from simple 1 or 2 color print to multi color photo prints, anything is possible.

Scuba Mask Strap Covers – Pre-printed

In addition to custom strap covers, check out our pre-printed mask strap covers with funny dive slogans. Pre-printed in dive flag colors, adding safety to your dives.

Scuba Dive Hoods – Custom

add comfort, safety and colors to your dives! Fully custom printed dive hoods with any design you can imagine are a amazing addition to your dive business. Bright colors brings safety during dives and surfacing as well as keeping the divers warm and cosy.

Scuba Dive Hoods – Pre-printed

In addition we have pre-printed some dive hood designs that are funny or stylish. Safety is added to your dives due to bright colors.

Beverage coolers

know as stubby holders, koozies, cozies, beer coolers even beer condoms in some parts of this world, are classics among promotional products for any hot place that appreciate cold beers. High visibility, low cost and they’re inherited usefulness in customer service, beverage coolers are the ideal products to display your company image and show your customers that you care.

Our beer coolers are specially designed to be drip free and to keep your cool beer at a temperature you enjoy most. Made of durable and cold washable neoprene, commonly used to product wetsuits.

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We hope you enjoy our scuba diving accessories as much as we enjoy making them for you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Wish to know more about our dedicated team and its history, check out our about us page.


Your scuba diving accessories Team

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